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Results: Track & Field 9th -18th July 2021

By 20/07/2021Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

English Schools’ Finals in Manchester, 9-11th July

Four medals and three club records – brilliant!

SG Triple JumpFleur Mansell5/1411.67 (+0.2)
SG 1500Fern Kimber11/144-40.99
SG 1500 S/ChEmily Parker2/16 (Silver)4-55.33CLUB RECORD
SB 1500Josh SmithDNFTook a hit early
SG 400 HurdlesHeidi Taylor8/867.14
IB 3000Edward Bird1/15 (Gold)8-31.14CLUB RECORD
IB 3000Mark Ruby128-53.88PB
IB JavelinHarry Midgley8/1549.80m
IB 1500William Rabjohns3/15 (Bronze)4-06.14
JG 200 Heat 2Jaya Collinson2/326.8610th overall
JB 800 Heat 2Henry Cornish4/82-05.5810th overall
JB DiscusBill Godden2/11 (Silver)38.29mCLUB RECORD

Wessex Young Athletes’ League Match at Winchester, 11th July

U11 Quadkids

One of the stars was Jemima Chetwood in the u11 QuadKids event: with an outstanding 1-55.7 for her 600m run (worth 74 points), she equalled her Club Record for a Girls’ QK total with 224 points.

Name75m. Pts.LJ Pts.600m. Pts.Howl Pts.TotalG/B Rank
Dotty Taylor14.4 (26)---26
Jemima Chetwood11.6 (54)3.38m (49)1-55.7 (74)23.80m. (47)2242/28 G
Isabella Green12.1 (49)3.01m (37)2-13.7 (56)20.90m. (41)1838
Lumen Myers12.7 (43)2.78m (29)2-22.8 (47)23.10m. (46)16510
Charlie Evans11.4 (56)2.82m (30)2-10.7 (59)17.00m. (34)17919/37B
Charlie Harrison12.1 (49)3.23m (44)2-02.1 (67)20.00m. (40)20012
Justin Areka-Tshuma12.1 (49)3.20m (43)1-58.2 (71)20.00m. (40)20311
Josh Borthwick13.5 (35)2.48m (19)3-08.3 (10)13.00m. (26)3737

Track and Field Results

Many PBs!

For Wessex events we can have an ‘A’ athlete, a ‘B’ athlete and maybe n/s (non-scorers).

U13B 100A. Zachary Richings1/513.6
U13B 100B. Alfie Curtis4/515.1
U13B 100Oliver Harrisonn/s15.2PB
U13B 200A. Alfie Curtis4/530.5PB
U13B 200B. Finley Lewin3/531.7PB
U13B 200Janus Van Deventern/s30PB
U13B 200Oliver Harrisonn/s30.9PB
U13B 800A. Finley Lewin.4/52-49.5
U13B 800B. Janus Van Deventer3/52-54.5PB
U13B 1500A. Oliver Harrison3/55-06.9PB
U13B 75HA. Janus Van Deventer2/314.4PB
U13B 75HB. Zachary Richings1/114.4
U13B 4 x 100Team1/557
U13B LJA. Zachary Richings1/54.61mPB
U13B LJB. Alfie Curtis1/54.15m
U13B ShotA. Finley Lewin2/46.04mPB
U13B JavelinA. Ethan Crowley1/428.64m
U15B 100A. Caleb Cheng1/412.4
U15B 100B. Ollie Woollard1/313.1
U15B 100Jasper Stapletonn/s15.9PB
U15B 200A. Caleb Cheng1/425.9
U15B 200B. Ollie Woollard1/325.9PB
U15B 200Robert Taylorn/s29.6PB
U15B 300A. Jasper Stapleton4/453.1PB
U15B 800A. William Stapleton3/42-28.9PB
U15B 800B. Robert Taylor4/42-55.0
U15B 1500A. Leo Riggs3/44-51.1
U15B 80HA. Josh Baker3/314.5
U15B LJA. Caleb Cheng1/35.06mPB
U15B LJB. Ollie Woollard1/35.03mPB
U15B LJJosh Bakern/s4.14mPB
U17M 100Jack Evans3/412.3PB
U17M LJJack Evans1/36.16mPB
U17M HJJack Evans1/21.75mPB
U13G 100A. Beatrice Hamblin1/514.5
U13G 100B. Polly Evans1/514.8
U13G 200A. Seni Purnell3/530.3
U13G 200B. Polly Evans2/529.6
U13G 200Lizzie Taylorn/s37.2PB
U13G 800A. Seni Purnell2/52-37.1
U13G 800B. Polly Evans1/52-42.9PB
U13G 70HA. Beatrice Hamblin1/312.8
U13G 4 x 100Team1/557.2
U13G LJA. Beatrice Hamblin2/54.17m
U13G LJB. Mahlia- Pia Johnson3/53.71m
U13G LJLizzie Taylorn/s2.22mPB
U15G 100A. Eleena Dhir4/416.4
U15G 100B. Morgan S-Watson4/416.9
U15G 200A. Lexi Lewin3/529.1
U15G 200Eleena Dhirn/s33.3
U15G 800A. Nancy Taylor1/52-23.7PB
U15G 800B. Lexi Lewin1/42-43.6
U15G 800Freya Woollardn/s2-33.0
U15G 800Eleena Dhirn/s2-50.0
U15G 1500A. Isla McPhail4/55-32.7
U15G 4 x 100Team4/460.7
U15G LJA. Freya Woollard2/44.20mPB
U15G LJB. Lexi Lewin1/33.78mPB
U15G ShotA. Morgan S-Watson5/55.04mPB
U17W HJElizabeth Shute2/31.40m
U20W HJNiamh Kirwin1.35m

European U20 Championships, 16-18th July

Adam Booth represented GB at the European Junior (u20) Championships in Tallin, Estonia in 400mH. In Heat 3, he won (in a race of eight) comfortably (by 0.53) in  52.42. That qualified him for Semi-Final 1, in which he placed 4th (of 8) in a new PB and Club Record of 51.38.
In the final, despite racing as hard as ever, he could not quite overtake the eventual bronze medallist and so finished 4th in 52.14. That still ranks him in the top four in Europe!



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