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Results: Upton Summer Series 1, 4th May 2022

By 05/05/2022May 8th, 2022Junior, Senior

A great start to the season at the Upton Summer Series

Senior Results

Both the men’s and the ladies teams started their campaigns in second place. Robert was 2nd in the event.

PosBibNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
23Robert DOUBLEDAYMale 18-392200:20:17
125Marc UJVARIMale 40-4421200:21:53
1750John HALLMale 50-5421600:22:28
2157Steven HOGARTHMale 60-6411900:22:45
2327Reuben SKINNERMale 50-5442100:22:54
2472Darren MOOREMale 50-5452200:22:56
2967Martin SELLMale 50-5462700:23:07
3271Simon WILDBURMale 40-4443000:23:13
3475Johnathan ADDISONMale 18-39103200:23:16
4282Nigel BROOKEMale 55-5913800:24:12
46141Kirstin HAYFemale 18-393500:24:31
47133Brett STEVENSMale 18-39144200:24:39
48139Ethan FRIAS-ROBLESMale 14-1734300:24:41
5681Graham FILMERMale 55-5935000:25:43
6395Lesley MOOREFemale 40-4421000:25:59
65134Oliver HALLMale 14-1745500:26:01
70186Donald HARPERMale 18-39155700:26:17
72171Kevin ROBERTSMale 55-5955800:26:23
73184Kevin MCGRORYMale 55-5965900:26:31
79146Jayne OFFERFemale 55-5911600:26:56
80118Graeme MANSELLMale 50-54116400:26:57
92204Eric GILBERTMale 65-6937200:27:54
9615John TOWNERMale 18-39177600:28:05
109148Stuart BICKELMale 50-54158700:28:53
119109Michael CRANEMale 18-39189300:29:41
133218Karen PEEDELLFemale 60-6423400:30:39
14169Millie SMALLFemale 14-1773800:31:01
142193Emma HENDERSON-BISHOPFemale 40-44103900:31:06
147191Martin CROWLEYMale 50-541910500:31:24
150176Oakley FRIAS-ROBLESMale 18-3924300:31:33
152260Clare JULYANFemale 45-4944500:31:53
17097Kim HUNTFemale 60-6445700:33:31
190291Suzi CROWLEYFemale 45-491200:36:00
196262Tammy FRIAS-ROBLESFemale 40-44157500:37:13
201300Gill COOKFemale 55-59118000:38:22
202284Grace GALTONFemale 45-49118100:38:30
216298Laura HORSWILLFemale 18-39189300:47:24

Junior Results

Only 5 junior members competed, but the results showed the team’s quality. Oliver and Polly were 1st and 2nd in the event and Amelia was 1st in her category.

PosNameCatTimeCat Pos
1Oliver HARRISIONB125:311
2Polly EVANSG135:411
10Charlie HARRISONB106:003
14Amelia DREWG116:041
31Eleena DHIRG136:215
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