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Results: Upton Summer Series 4, 13th July 2022

By 14/07/2022July 16th, 2022Junior, Senior
Club members

Some great results on yet another hot and muggy evening. Brian Underwood was first in the senior race, Robert Doubleday was second and with John Towner fourth, the male team easily took first place on the night. The ladies team was second.

In the junior race, Polly Evans was first girl, and there were two other category winners.


PosBibNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
16Brian UNDERWOODMale 45-491100:19:31
23Robert DOUBLEDAYMale 18-391200:19:46
415John TOWNERMale 18-392400:20:26
1039Alan BARNETTMale 55-5911000:21:34
1371Simon WILDBURMale 40-4431300:22:03
145Marc UJVARIMale 40-4441400:22:04
1827Reuben SKINNERMale 50-5421800:22:20
1957Steven HOGARTHMale 60-6411900:22:21
2050John HALLMale 50-5432000:22:25
3167Martin SELLMale 50-5442800:23:56
3672Darren MOOREMale 50-5453200:24:32
37127Jack DWYERMale 18-39123300:24:39
38184Kevin MCGRORYMale 55-5923400:24:53
43141Kirstin HAYFemale 18-393500:25:30
4485Andy STREETMale 50-5473900:25:34
45171Kevin ROBERTSMale 55-5934000:25:37
4982Nigel BROOKEMale 55-5954400:25:53
55204Eric GILBERTMale 65-6944800:26:24
56174Kathryn ROBSONFemale 55-591800:26:27
61118Graeme MANSELLMale 50-5485100:26:54
62134Oliver HALLMale 14-1725200:26:57
6381Graham FILMERMale 55-5965300:26:59
6495Lesley MOOREFemale 40-4431100:27:01
71151Jane NEALFemale 65-6911400:27:55
72146Jayne OFFERFemale 55-5921500:28:09
92148Stuart BICKELMale 50-54136900:29:49
96260Clare JULYANFemale 45-4932600:30:54
98218Karen PEEDELLFemale 60-6422800:31:11
104187Dave RITCHIEMale 60-6457400:31:47
112190Vanya RITCHIEFemale 55-5953400:32:14
12297Kim HUNTFemale 60-6443900:33:31
131298Laura HORSWILLFemale 18-3994500:35:49
143300Gill COOKFemale 55-59125400:39:16


PosNameCatTimeCat Pos
3Polly EvansG1305:351
11Charlie HarrisonB1005:561
13Amelia DrewG1106:011
62Ellis UnderwoodB708:173
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