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Results: Upton Summer Series 5, 27th July 2022

By 28/07/2022July 29th, 2022Junior, Senior
Club members

Some great results on a pleasant summer evening. Brian Underwood was first in the senior race, the male team took first place and the ladies team was second.


RankBibNameAGAG RankGender RankTime
16Brian UNDERWOODMale 45-491100:18:48
515John TOWNERMale 18-393500:20:27
125Marc UJVARIMale 40-4421200:21:36
1371Simon WILDBURMale 40-4431300:21:38
1450John HALLMale 50-5411400:21:40
1739Alan BARNETTMale 55-5911700:21:41
2057Steven HOGARTHMale 60-6411900:22:02
3375Johnathan ADDISONMale 18-39153100:23:42
38171Kevin ROBERTSMale 55-5923500:24:43
41141Kirstin HAYFemale 18-392400:24:58
5185Andy STREETMale 50-5444500:25:20
56139Ethan FRIAS-ROBLESMale 14-1724800:25:35
60204Eric GILBERTMale 65-6935100:25:52
6181Graham FILMERMale 55-5955200:26:07
63102Dave NEALMale 65-6945300:26:17
6490Robert WICKHAMMale 55-5965400:26:32
66146Jayne OFFERFemale 55-5911100:26:41
74151Jane NEALFemale 65-6911400:27:46
8395Lesley MOOREFemale 40-4441900:28:27
92190Vanya RITCHIEFemale 55-5932300:28:59
94176Oakley FRIAS-ROBLESMale 18-39187100:29:13
95148Stuart BICKELMale 50-54107200:29:14
99187Dave RITCHIEMale 60-6487500:29:31
105218Karen PEEDELLFemale 60-6422900:30:11
108260Clare JULYANFemale 45-4933100:30:18
111264David HUMBYMale 55-5998000:30:36
12697Kim HUNTFemale 60-6433700:32:52
136298Laura HORSWILLFemale 18-3994400:34:27
142291Suzi CROWLEYFemale 45-4984900:36:06
146300Gill COOKFemale 55-5995100:37:00
148284Grace GALTONFemale 45-4995300:39:38


Congratulations to Oliver Harrison with a first in the B12 category and second overall.

Pos.No.NameCategoryTimeCategory Pos.
225Oliver HARRISIONB1200:05:471
553Charlie HARRISONB1000:05:513
3146Amelia DREWG1100:06:423
55132Ellis UNDERWOODB700:09:014
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