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Results: Upton Summer Series #6, 8th Aug 2018

By 09/08/2018August 12th, 2018Junior, Senior
Upton summer series 6, 2018

It was a great end to the 2018 Upton Summer Series races with Gareth Alan-Williams placing first in the final senior event and Ethan Crowley placing first in the junior event.

We also picked up many prizes for the whole series:

The senior male team won the inaugural team trophy. Lesley Moore, Vanya Ritchie, Jane Neal, Gareth Alan-Williams, Dave Hicks and Duncan Cooper won their age categories and Jayne Offer, Karen Peedell, Steven Hogarth and Howard Brierley were runners up in their categories. Well done everyone, a great haul of prizes!

In the juniors, Ben Ives won the series boys 10 category, well done Ben!


10:19:31ALAN-WILLIAMS, GarethMale 40-44
90:21:01HICKS, DaveMale 45-49
120:21:23COOPER, DuncanMale 50-54
130:21:29MCCAFFEREY, JamesMale 18-39
190:21:53SKINNER, ReubenMale 45-49
200:22:03COOK, SteveMale 45-49
220:22:34HOGARTH, StevenMale 55-59
430:24:20WICKHAM, RobertMale 50-54
570:25:15MOORS, DanielMale 18-39
580:25:16SAUNDERS, RichardMale 50-54
630:25:50FILMER, GrahamMale 50-54
660:26:04SNAPE, ClareFemale 18-39
680:26:14KELLY, SteveMale 18-39
730:26:22BRIERLEY, HowardMale 65-69
760:26:30TOMLINSON, MatthewMale 45-49
770:26:32ROWLAND, JohnMale 60-64
800:26:55NEAL, JaneFemale 60-64
860:27:19JONES, EmmaFemale 45-49
960:27:42NEAL, DaveMale 60-64
1080:28:14HITCHING, IanMale 50-54
1090:28:15AUDRAIN, SarahFemale 40-44
1140:28:31WHITMARSH, PaulMale 50-54
1250:29:03HAY, KirstinFemale 18-39
1290:29:13RITCHIE, VanyaFemale 55-59
1300:29:14RITCHIE, DaveMale 55-59
1420:29:51PEEDELL, KarenFemale 55-59
1540:30:29AUDRAIN, PhilipMale 50-54
1630:31:04WHITMARSH, CeliaFemale 40-44
1690:31:16BULLER, StevenMale 50-54
1760:31:48JONES, DougMale 70-74
1770:31:49PALMER, BrendaFemale 60-64
1870:33:16DURLEY-WHITE, SarahFemale 40-44
1990:34:24MIDGLEY, CatherineFemale 45-49
2000:34:29HUNT, KimFemale 60-64
2050:35:20CORNES, NicolaMale 50-54
2060:35:20CORNES, PeterMale 50-54
2090:35:54GRIESSER, SueFemale 50-54
2110:36:10GALTON, GraceFemale 40-44
2130:36:22DEVERILL, AnnFemale 50-54
2290:39:12KARNATZ, AlisaFemale 18-39
2310:39:25KARNATZ, ClaireFemale 55-59
2320:39:30KARNATZ, DaveMale 60-64
2380:41:57MORPHEW, FionaFemale 60-64
2410:42:57WALLER, GillMale 45-49
2430:45:00BOWDLER, LorraineFemale 55-59






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