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Track & Field News, 25th July 2021

By 27/07/2021Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

UKYDL LAG match 17th July

In hot sunshine at King’s Park last Sunday, Team Dorset contested Match 2 of this year’s UK Youth Development League’s South area South-West group’s Lower Age-Group (u13s and u15s), ably hosted by Bournemouth AC – with much help!  It celebrated the first competition on the refurbished track.  The depth of talent in the Team Dorset squad was well-demonstrated by the many substitutions made necessary by Covid, competition clashes, last-minute absences and a hurdles accident.

U13B 75B. Zachary Richings1/510.3PB
U13B 800A Oliver Harrison3/62-29.8PB
U13B 800B Janus Van Deventer3/42-51.8PB
U13B 1200A Zachary Richings4/44-06.9PB
U13B 1200B Finley Lewin3/44-13.8PB
U13B 75HA Zachary Richings2/314.5
U13B 75HB Janus Van Deventer1/214.5
U13B 4 x 100Zachary R, Alfie C + 22/355
U13B High JA. Alfie Curtis2/41.25m.PB
U13B Long JA. Alfie Curtis3/64.29m.
U13B ShotB. Alfie Curtis1/35.29m.PB
U13B JavelinA. Ethan Crowley3/426.60m.
U13B JavelinB. Elouan Biwole1/423.02m.PB
U15B 100A. Caleb Cheng1/312.3PB
U15B 100Ollie Woollardn/s12.7PB
U15B 200A. Caleb Cheng1/525.7
U15B 200B. Ollie Woollard1/225.9PB
U15B 800Thomas Farleyn/s2-19.5PB
U15B 800Harry Farleyn/s2-20.5PB
U15B 1500A. Henry Cornish1/54-31.3
U15B 1500B. Leo Riggs1/34-51.6
U15B 4 x 100Caleb C, Ollie W + 21/349.3
U15B 4 x 300Thomas F, Henry C + 21/32-53.0
U15B Long JB. Caleb Cheng1/34.97m.
U15B ShotA. Billy Godden2/410.87m.PB
U15B DiscusA. Billy Godden1/433.88m.
U15B JavelinA. Harley Tayor4/428.53m.PB
U13G 75A. Beatrice Hamblin3/510.7PB
U13G 75B. Polly Evans2/410.6PB
U13G 150A. Polly Evans3/522.2PB
U13G 150B. Seni Purnell2/422.9PB
U13G 800A. Polly Evans2/52-47.3
U13G 800B. Lexie Taylor3/32-54.8PB
U13G 1200A. Seni Purnell2/54-06.4PB
U13G 70HA. Beatrice Hamblin1/212.7
U13G 4 x 100Seni P, Bea H, Polly E + 12/356.9
U13G Long JA. Beatrice Hamblin2/64.12m.
U13G JavelinA. Lexie Taylor3/317.96m.PB
U15G 100B. Elizabeth Richley3/413.9
U15G 200B. Elizabeth Richley1/329.6
U15G 300A. Lexi Lewin3/545.4PB
U15G 800A. Nancy Taylor1/52-21.0PB
U15G 800Freya Woollardn/s2-30.6PB
U15G 75HB. Megan Mowbray2/213.4
U15G 4 x 100Freya W, Eliz R, Megan M + 11/354.2
U15G 4 x 300Nancy T, Lexi L + 21/33-07.0
U15G High JA. Megan Mowbray2/31.50m.PB
U15G Long JB. Megan Mowbray1/24.56m.

Six Poole AC athletes went to the “South-West Inter-Counties”

Last Sunday, the event known as the “South-West Inter-Counties” was staged at the Exeter Arena.  Many of the events were offered in a mixed (gender/age) form.   Results:-

U15G 200Jaya Collinson1/3 Heat 127.532/8 overall
U15G 300Jaya Collinson2/6 Final42.88
U17W 100Leah Watts8/913.50 (w -0.2)
U17W 200Leah Watts7/727.76 (w -0.6)
U17W Long JumpGeorgina Stokes5/75.27m. (w +1.1)
U20W 400HHeidi Taylor2/6 u20W67.614/9 W
U20W Triple JumpFleur Mansell3/811.66m.
SM 1500Ben Gibbons3/133-59.26

SOUTH of ENGLAND (SEAA) u13/u15 and u17 Championships 2021

These are being held at Kingston on the weekend of August 21/22. The Entry Form and Prospectus are available NOW on the SEAA web-site. Cost of entries is £14 per event for u15 and u17; £11 per event for u13s. As regards a programme: for the u13s, on Saturday August 21 will be all the Girls’ events (including 800m heats); plus the Boys’ 800m heats. On Sunday will be all the Boys’ events; plus the Girls’ 800m final. For the u15s and u17s, please check the prospectus.

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