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Track & Field News and Results, 19th September 2021

By 22/09/2021September 28th, 2021Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

South of England u15 and u20 Inter-Counties at Oxford 11/09/21

A total of ten athletes travelled to Horspath, Oxford on September 11th to represent Dorset at the annual Inter-County Championships for u15s and u20s. Among them were three from Poole AC. As a result, Megan Mowbray cleared 10.28m in the u15G Triple Jump to win from four other athletes. Jaya Collinson finished second in the u15G 200m (out of eight runners) in 26.96 (wind +1.0). Freya Woollard ran in the u15G 800, finishing 5th of seven in 2-31.81. Others in that Dorset team achieved wins in the u20W Long Jump, u15B 300m, u15G 300m, and u17M Triple Jump; and second places in u20W 100m, and u20M 400m. Please remember that these were the Southern Area Championships! Dorset did not win as a team, but these ten performed with excellence. Thanks to athletes, parents and managers Dean and Brian!

Poole AC results from the Bournemouth AC Open on 12/09/21

At King’s Park last Sunday, with fluctuating breeze and sunny intervals, at times there was a significant crowd. As ever, we thank BAC for the organising, plus all our athletes, parents and coaches for their support, driving, and mutually shared interest in Athletics. An amazing 62 u11s took part in the four events of QuadKids, our four athletes all finishing in their top sevens! Pride of place again to Jemima Chetwood who achieved the overall best performances in 75m, 600m, and LJ. She broke her own points total Club Record again! Charlie was the fastest boy while Sadie was second best on 600m; and Lumen second best with Howler, in spite of throwing a great 30m! Of the u13s, Eloise, Beatrice, Zachary and Janus all gained multiple PBs. As did u15B Caleb. First here are those QK results:- (SX = Heat no. G = Race Graded by PBs.)

Name75m (Points)600m (Pts.)Long J (Pts.)Howler (Pts.)Total
Jemima Chetwood11.4 (56)1-57 (73)3.53m. (54)26.20m. (52)235 1/31G
Lumen Myers12.9 (41)2-21 (49)3.02m. (37)30.10m. (60)187 6
Sadie Underwood12.8 (42)2-06 (64)2.96m. (35)18.30m. (36)177 7
Charlie Evans11.0 (60)2-12 (58)4.01m. (70)18.00m. (36)224 5/31B

And these were in the more senior (!) events:-

U13G 100 SX10Polly Evans3/714.1PB
U13G 100 SX11Eloise Martin1/514.4PB
U13G 100 SX13Nikola Grzybowska2/415.7
U13G 200 SX2Beatrice Hamblin3/529.4
U13G 200 SX3Polly Evans1/529.6
U13G 200 SX4Nikola Grzybowska533.7
U13G 800 SX4Eloise Martin2/62-39.5PB
U13G 800 SX5Polly Evans32-45.0
U13G 1500 SX1 GAmelia Drew6/95-48.8
U13G 70H u13Beatrice Hamblin1/612.3PB
U13G Long J u13Beatrice Hamblin3/154.26m.PB
U13G Long J u14Eloise Martin54.06m.PB
U15G High J GMegan Mowbray1/91.53m.PB
U15G High J GAmelia Stewart81.30m.
U15G Triple J GMegan Mowbray11/1310.09m. (+1.5)
U17W 100 u17Leah Watts3/413.2
U17W 200 SX5 GLeah Watts1/627.4
U17W 300 u17Eleanor Mowbray2/846.9SB
U17W Long J GEleanor Mowbray3/105.12m. (-1.4)
U17W Javelin WGEleanor Mowbray9/917.00m.PB
U20W 100 SX3 GFleur Mansell2/413.1PB
U20W 1500 SX2 GFern Kimber5/75-05.0
U20W Long J GFleur Mansell6/104.95m.
U20W Triple J GFleur Mansell3/1311.30m. (+3.1)
SW High J GTheresa Williams9/91.25m.
U13B 100 SX8Zachary Richings2/513.5PB
U13B 100 SX7Janus Van Deventer1/414.4PB
U13B 200 SX1Janus Van Deventer2/429.8PB
U13B 800 SX3 GCameron Wicks2/72-33.8PB
U13B High J MixZachary Richings2/51.36m.
U13B LJ u13Zachary Richings2/55.07m.PB
U13B Javelin MixElouan Biwole2/524.05m.
U15B 100 u15Caleb Cheng2/412.1PB
U15B 200 SX6 GCaleb Cheng2/524.9PB
U15B Long J u15Caleb Cheng2/54.92m.
U17M Javelin GHarry Midgley1/349.92m.

South-West Trials for London Mini-Marathon (to be held on October 3rd)

Trials for the teams to represent the South-West in the London Mini-Marathon were staged at King’s School, Taunton, last Sunday, on an approximately 2 km course. Within their age-groups, athletes had to finish in the first four to qualify for team selection, and places 5-6 were for next reserves. On the basis of the published results, Poole AC should have two selected (in the u17M team) and one reserve in each of u15B and u13G. Well done to all for even being invited, then for taking part, and thanks as ever to their parents for the transport and support on the day. The Mini-Marathon is due to be held on the final (Buckingham Palace) part of the main course, before the main event.

U13BOliver Harrison9/1012-28
U13GSeni Purnell6/1612-15
U15BHenry Cornish5/1310-38
U15BOscar Ewen Matthews810-58
U15GLexie Brown10/1312-14
U15GNancy Taylor1212-44
U17MEdward Bird1/119-28
U17MMark Ruby49-40

British Laser Run Biathlon Champs

In the British Laser Run (biathlon) Championships held at the Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in Solihull, u13B Cameron Wicks, running 3 x 400m and having to make 3 x 5 hits on a 5m away target, came 3rd of 16 who started, in 5-07. His sister, u15G Millie, running 4 x 400m and needing 4 x 5 hits on a target from 5m away, ranked 11th of 18 in 7-11. She was also part of the Leweston Pentathlon Academy u15 bronze medal team.

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