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Track & Field News and Results, 22nd August 2021

Poole AC Junior Athletes

Southern Athletics League, 15th August 2021

This was a Team Dorset (combined team from Dorchester, Poole, Wimborne and Poole Runners) match, staged at King’s Park. The matches are open to any athlete aged 15 or over, the proviso being in the throws that they have to use Senior implements. But in all other events they are on level terms of ability: thus we have u17s taking part.
So a relatively small team, mostly of track athletes, represented Team Dorset against Bournemouth, City of Salisbury and Yeovil, plus any ‘guests’.
PAC results:-

SW 100A.    Rosey Smythe2/412.80.8PB
SW 100B.    Leah Watts u171/313.30.8
SW 100n/s Lizzy Grose1/214.71.3SB
SW 100n/s Elizabeth Le Rossignol218.21.3
SW 200A.    Leah Watts u172/326.91.2
SW 200B.    Rosey Smythe1/326.91.2PB
SW 200n/s Sarah Kearsey1/226.21.2SB
SW 400A.    Alexandra Bryant1/360.1
SW 400HA . Sarah Kearsey1/263
SW 4x100Team Dorset team1/351.7
SM 100A.    Jonathan Le Grange2/311.60.4
SM 200A.    Liam Nixon u202/323.21.8
SM 200B.    Jonathan Le Grange1/224.31.8SB
SM 400A.    Liam Nixon u201/254
SM 1500A.    Dominic Willmore u231/24-04.9
SM 4x100Team Dorset team2/250.1
SM High JumpB.    Jack Evans u171/21.75m.PB=
SM Long Jumpn/s Jack Evans u171/36.17m.PB

Poole AC Results from Ashdown Open, 20th August 2021

Athletes from all six Dorset Track clubs, plus others from Hampshire and further afield entered our Open on Friday.

U13B 100Zachary Richings2/713.7
U13B 100Elouan Biwole314
U13B 100Alban-Mark Kiai515.1
U13B 200Oliver Harrison3/531.1
U13B 200Alban-Mark Kiai431.6
U13B 800Oliver Harrison2/32-34.9
U13B HJZachary Richings1/21.35m
U13B LJHarry Robson1/34.76m
U13B LJZachary Richings24.66m
U13B ShotAlban-Mark Kiai1/26.57m
U13B JavEthan Crowley1/426.43
U13B JavElouan Biwole321.46
U15B 800Jasper Stapleton6/62-54.2
U17M HJJack Evans1/21.70m
U17M HJAlex Harris21.50m
U17M LJJack Evans1/15.81m
U17M JavHarry Midgley1/251.98
SW 200Alexandra Bryant1/126.7
U13G 100 1Eloise Martin3/514.8
U13G 100 2Seni Purnell1/614.4
U13G 100 2Nikola Grzybowska515.6
U13G 100 2Bethany Stephens16.8
U13G 200Nikola Grzybowska4/433.6
U13G 800Seni Purnell1/112-34.6
U13G 800Eloise Martin52-45.3
U13G LJEloise Martin2/83.99m
U13G LJNikola Grzybowska53.77m
U15G 800Lexie Brown1/32-31.8
U15G HJAmelia Stewart1/11.40m
U17W HJElizabeth Shute1/21.45m
SM 100Jonathan Le Grange1/611.6
SM 100Sam Bowen u20211.7
SM 100Marcus Pidgley T37614.7
SM 200Marcus Pidgley4/431.1
SM 400Jonathan Le Grange1/257.5
SM ShotMarcus Pidgley1/17.27m
SM JavJonathan Le Grange3/320.76
SMHJMark Roach1/11.45m

A total of 40 athletes entered the QuadKids events:

NameGen75Pts600PtsLJPtsHowlPtsTotal PtsRank
Callum CoullBoys12.1492-06.7633.154127.78552084
Charlie HarrisonBoys12.0502-04.6653.354818.45361996=
Charlie EvansBoys11.1592-14.9553.384914.712919210
Rys BaileyBoys12.5452-11.5583.184219.143818312
Freddie BellBoys13.6342-14.2552.461814.752913616
Jake ArnoldBoys12.3472-03.366--23.1546159/3-
Brodie StewartBoys12.248--2.853125.3750129/3-
Joseph FeeleyBoys13.4362-13.2562.0310--102/3-
Jemima ChetwoodGirls11.4561-55.4743.625723.77472341
Lumen MyersGirls12.5452-16.4532.83022.72451735

Jemima’s points total breaks her own u11 Girls’ Club Record!

Also at our Open on Friday, we had three races for the older Disability Chairs and Frame runners. These resulted in:-

100m Chairs:

  1. Nathan 17.9.
  2. Chris 21.1.
  3. George 24.4.

100m Frame:

  1. Daniel 39.4.

200m Chairs:

  1. Nathan 32.9,
  2. Chris 37.6.
  3. George 48.1.

200m Frame:

  1. Daniel 79.3.

400m Chairs

  1. Nathan 61.7.
  2. Chris 75.1. 3
  3. George 1-47.8.

Congratulations to all four athletes.

GB vest and England vest in one Meeting for Adam in Manchester!

For the 2021 staging of the annual Manchester International Meeting, held at Sport City on Wednesday, August 18, Adam Booth was again selected for the GB Junior (u20) team in the 400m hurdles, in which he ranks (as an u20M) fourth in Europe and top of the UK rankings. In spite of the cold, wet and windy conditions, he ran strongly against senior opposition, was second off the eighth barrier and finished third in a great 51.55.

Adam was also named in the GB Junior 4 x 400m relay squad. On the night, he found himself running the second leg for England in the Juniors-only race, helping them to a clear victory in 3-15.31 against the other Home Nations.


Senior Man Jamie Grose raced in the Mens’ ‘C’ race of the BMC Grand Prix at Eltham on August 14. Finished 5th (of 11) in 3-54.04.

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