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Track & Field News and Results, 5th September 2021

By 06/09/2021Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

South-West Athletics League (East) Match 3 at Yeovil

On Sunday 29th August, our athletes travelled to represent just Poole Athletic Club in this, the third of the 2021 series. (There was no boost from Dorchester and Wimborne this time.)

U13G 100 Ht. 2Eloise Martin2/514.67-1.2PB
U13G 200Eloise Martin2/829.650.3PB
U13G 1500Amelia Drew3/85-38.58PB
U13G Long J.Eloise Martin6/133.80m.
U15G 100 Ht. 1Jaya Collinson3/613.31-1.9
U15G 100 Ht. 2Lexi Lewin7/714.54-1.2
U15G 300 Ht. 1Jaya Collinson2/442.74
U15G 300 Ht. 2Lexi Lewin3/546.22
As u17W 300 Ht 2Nancy Taylor3/745.26PB
U15G 1500Isla McPhail3/55-22.32PB
As u17W 1500Nancy Taylor1/44-48.11PB
U15G 1500S/ChMillie Wicks1/16-27.39CLUB RECORD
U15G 4 x 300PAC Team4/43-22.65
U15G Long JJaya Collinson4/74.30m.
U15G Long JLexi Lewin63.85m.PB
U15G ShotMorgan Summerson-Watson6/64.96m.
U17W ShotEleanor Mowbray3/68.91m.
U17W High JElizabeth Shute2/21.40m.
U13B 100 Ht. 1Zachary Richings1/713.66-1.4
U13B 100 Ht. 1Cameron Wicks716.06PB
U13B 100 Ht. 2Elouan Biwole1/713.5PB
U13B 100 Ht. 2Janus Van Deventer414.4PB
U13B 200 Ht. 1Janus Van Deventer4/529.962.3PB
U13B 200 Ht. 2Finley Lewin3/530.6PB
U13B 200 Ht. 2Oliver Harrison531.41
U13B 1500Oliver Harrison1/25-13.47
U13B 1500Cameron Wicks25-15.94
U13B 75 Hdls.Janus Van Deventer2/215.012.6
U13B 4 x 100PAC team2/258.37
U13B High JZachary Richings2/51.40m.PB
U13B High JCameron Wicks4=1.15m.PB
U13B Long JZachary Richings1/74.99m.PB
U13B Long JFinley Lewin53.80m.PB
U13B ShotFinley Lewin2/25.89m.
U13B JavelinElouan Biwole1/524.13m.PB
U15B 100 Ht. 1Caleb Cheng1/512.270.4PB
U15B 100 Ht. 2Harry Robson3/512.95-1.8PB
U15B 300Henry Cornish1/739.59PB
U15B 300Robert Taylor645.94PB
U15B 1500Henry Cornish1/94-30.12
U15B 1500Oscar Ewen Matthews24-30.70PB
U15B 1500RobertTaylor85-06.19PB
U15B 4 x 300PAC team1/32-49.44
U15B Long JHarry Robson2/95.06m.PB
U15B Long JCaleb Cheng54.60m.
U15B Long JOscar Ewen Matthews93.18m.
U15B DiscusBill Godden1/535.41m.
U17M 400Harry Drew4/464.92PB
U17M 1500Finlay Nunn5/55-14.89PB
U20M 100Adam Booth1/411.3SB
U20M 100Louis Bourke212.24SB
U20M Long JLouis Bourke3/45.68m.PB
SM 100Jamie Paton1/511.91SB
SM 400Adam Booth u201/649.43
SM 110 Hdls.Adam Booth u201/415.060.8

Team result:

  1. Taunton 341
  2. Wimborne 312
  3. Yeovil 242
  4. Poole 229
  5. Dorchester 99
  6. Mendip 83

SWAL Records

In Match 1 on July 04, Ed Bird broke the u17M 1500 League Record. (Will Rabjohns also beat the old time.) In Match 2 on August 01, Megan Mowbray broke the u15G Triple Jump League Record. Well done, both!

YDL News

The provisional Team results from the Lower Age-Group (u13 and u15) Match 3 at Portsmouth on 4th September, show that we helped Team Dorset (the composite of us, Dorchester and Wimborne) to again finish as runners-up to Winchester (i.e. WADAC!) This is an amazing result given the number of late withdrawals, plus injuries and sickness, which took out at least five athletes. It also shows the adaptability of the athletes, especially when faced with the friendly persuasion of Team Manager Vanessa! Thanks to all the PAC athletes, parents and officials who helped to achieve this. The full results will be published when verified.

  1. Winchester 545
  2. Team Dorset 448
  3. Bournemouth/NFJ 404
  4. Portsmouth 268
  5. Southampton 138
  6. Havant 98
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