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Update – Thursday Intermediates Training Sessions

By 22/11/2017Junior

Thursday Intermediates Training Sessions Late Autumn 2017

With us firmly entering the winter phase of our training, we now begin the pre Xmas period which is paramount to you successfully winter preparation phase. Regular commitment to 2-3 club sessions weekly will enhance the chances of success in 2018

Despite many school and racing, attendance on Thursdays has been good, but we encourage you to keep this routine up during this busy period. We are looking to keep training interesting by adding some variety to our allocated venues. We welcome new athletes to augment the squad and will adjust workloads to account for capability.

We have some coach unavailability during this cycle, thanks to parents for agreeing to help. We do hope to see most of you compete at races over the weeks to come, particularly the County XC on 10/12 at Bryanston School. Please do consider supporting the club’s Boxing Day Races, if you can volunteer please speak to Mark Pauley. Also please do not forget the Club Presentation and Party on 2nd December, please do ask for details.

We will continue to charge a small fee of £1 please do remember this each week.

As safety is our first priority please do ensure you bring reflective tops to run in.

Due to popular demand we have agreed to have a social event at ‘Bournemouth Sprinkles’ after training on 21/12, Training on that night will be 6.30PM. Excepting this our start times will remain at the usual 7.30PM, with venues planned as follows:

  • 23rd Nov Whitchurch Ave/Steepleton Rd
  • 30th Nov Brundenell Avenue/Evening Hill
  • 7th Dec Blakedene Rd Road Lilliput#
  • 14th Dec Tollerford Road, Canford Heath
  • 21st Dec Zig-zags St Michael’s Rd, B’mth^
  • 28th Dec Canford Cliffs Rd/Penn Hill Car Park “

“ Meet in Car Park Near to Penn Central Bar, on Canford Cliffs Ave.

^ Meet at the car park near Highcliffe Hotel and West-cliff Zig-zag path at 6.30PM!

# Working on road loops including Blake Hill Crescent

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