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New Senior Championship

By 12/01/2019May 10th, 2022Senior
Senior athletes at Poole AC

In 2019 Poole AC are launching a new club contest called the ‘Jim Gallagher Improvers Championship’. This is in recognition of Jim Gallagher who has been a coach with Poole AC for many years.  A large number of Poole AC’s club members have at some time have been coached and encouraged by Jim on their journey of running improvement. This championship has been set up to recognise that journey, rewarding personal improvement with a level playing field for all runners in the club. The intention of this championship is to encourage runners to improve throughout the year. This means that even the slower runners could win a trophy as it is all about improving rather than flat out speed. There will be awards for first, second and third men and ladies.

Each runner is set a 1 mile pace. This is used to calculate a predicted time for a race.

The formula used to calculate a predicted time has been widely used for over 20 years and can be found on the Runners World website >>

For hilly courses an additional terrain multiplier is used to reflect the increased time needed.

For 2019 we have used senior members best 10k time in 2018 to calculate the starting 1 mile pace. If there is not a 1 mile pace, the first race predicted time will be the actual time for the race.

Runners are ranked according to how far they were ahead of or behind their predicted times.  The person who was furthest ahead is awarded 1 point; the next person gets 2 points and so on.  After each race, your mile pace is adjusted by moving it to a point half way between where it was and where your most recent result suggests it should be.

The qualifying races are those in the club championship and the multi terrain championship. Your best 10 scores are used so it is best to run lots of races. The aim is to get the lowest score.

The full details can be found on the Senior Club Championship webpage here >>

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