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PAC News 2, 9th January 2018

Junior athletes at Poole AC

William Rabjohns wins in the South-West!

Fifteen PAC athletes contested the SW Inter-County XC Championships at Aldon Hill,Yeovil, on Sunday, Jan. 7th on a challenging course on a bitter, bright day! Apart from his comfortable win in the u13B race, Emilie Castagna finished 2nd in the u15G, Tom Austin 3rd in the SM, Amy Bond 5th in the SW, and Nancy Taylor 2nd in the u11G Fun Run. All our athletes represented Dorset and the best ranking achieved by a County team was 2nd in the u17W.

U11BBenjamin Ives26/377-45
Ethan Crowley287-54
Winning time 6-33
U13BWilliam Rabjohns1/6212-20
George Mahon2314-05
U15BZac Cloete30/7616-11
Winning time 14-17
SMTom Austin3/13430-40
Chris Alborough3033-11
Jamie Grose3533-27
Simon Wildbur11640-29
Winning time 29-53
U11GNancy Taylor2/257-22
Winning time 7-02
U15GEmilie Castagna2/5915-02
Izzy Rabjohns4217-42
Demi-M Goddard4618-03
Winning time 13-53
U17WIsabelle Taylor11/3917-47
Winning time 15-54
SWAmy Bond5/6822-22
Winning time 20-53


52 podium certificates in County Sportshall!

In the final Dorset Sportshall match of the season (including the County Championships) held at Canford School on Jan. 6th, PAC athletes competed with distinction and achieved victory in 20 events. Many of the performances were also PBs!

1 lapHt 1 Thomas Farley3/412.3
Ht 2 Ethan Crowley2/413.6
Monty Spence414
Ht 3 Harley Taylor2/412
Ht 4 Teagan B-W2/312.6
FIN Harley T4/512.2
2 lapHt 1 Harley T2/524.3
Monty S528
Ht 2 Thomas F3/424.9
Harry Farley 425.1
Ht 4 Teagan B-W3/425.5
Ethan C427.3
FIN Harley T5/524.7
2+2Harry and Thomas F4/449.9
Ch PEthan Crowley3/55.02m
SLJHarley Taylor1/102.03m
Teagan B-Williams51.72m
Thomas Farley61.62m
Harry Farley71.59m
Monty Spence91.48m
VertJHarley T1/542 cm
Teagan B-W331 cm
TarThEthan C=2/68
Thomas F=28
Sp BHarry F3/746
Monty S742
2 lapHt 1 George Farley1/423.4
Ht 2 Harry Midgley5/528
Ht 3 Callum McGinley5/528.5
FIN George F1/522.7
4 lapGeorge F1/550.2
SLJAshley Gannon2/62.00m
STJHarry Midgley4/65.46m
VertJCallum McG2/846 cm
George F443 cm
ShotAshley G2/77.87m
Harry M47.28m
Sp BGeorge F=1/878
Callum McG =473
2 lapEdward Pearce1/221.6
6 lapSam Bowen1/175.6
SLJEdward P1/22.42m
Vert JSam B1/357 cm
Nathan Freeman338 cm
ShotSam B2/27.85m
Sp BNathan F2/372
Edward P370
1 lapHt 2 Eliz Richley1/512.9
Ht 3 Lexie Taylor1/513.4
Ht 4 Verity Wilson4/414.2
Ht 5 Olivia Bowen1/512.5
Ht 6 Lily Steele2/513.5
AFIN Olivia B1/512.5
BFIN Eliz R2/512.5
2 lapHt 2 Jaya Collinson1/424.3
Ht 4 Lily S3/527.4
FIN Jaya C1/523.9
CctRLex/Eliz/Oliv/Jaya 2/488.5
Ch POlivia Bowen4/106.05m
Eliz Richley55.81m
Verity Wilson104.12m
SLJJaya Collinson1/151.98m
STJLily Steele10/133.62m
VertJOlivia B2/1245 cm
Lily S640 cm
Lexie Taylor934 cm
Sp BJaya C1/1155
Eliz R =447
Verity W1133
2 lapHt 1 Leah Watts3/524.3
Molly Pearce525.2
Ht 2 Safia Stacey1/423.8
FIN Safia S1/523.7
Leah W525.1
4 lapFIN Safia S2/551.1
Leah W351.7
STJSafia S2/46.46m
Vert JMolly P3/746 cm
Leah W537 cm
ShotMolly P6/85.79m
Sp BLeah W2/673
Safia S371
2 lapNiamh Kirwin1/224.3
Sarah-Louise Hazell224.9
4 lapSarah-Louise H1/162.4
STJNiamh K1/26.71m
Sarah-Louise H25.40m
ShotNiamh K1/17.80m
Sp BSarah-Louise H1/173
Lap1 lap is a run from the centre of the hall to a 'Reversaboard' from which the double back, cross the startline and on to the far end of the hall to another 'Reversaboard' from which they double back again to finish at the start line.
RA relay
1+1Each team member completes one lap each
2+2Each team member completes two laps each. The athlete’s two laps are completed consecutively
1+2Lap Relay – The first team member completes one lap and the second team member completes two laps
4x1Each of the four team members complete one lap each
4x2Each of the four team members complete two laps each. Each athlete should complete their two laps consecutively.
ObAn obstacle course
Sp BSpeed Bounce
SLJStanding Long Jump
STJStanding Triple Jump
VJVertical Jump
Ch PChest Push
Tar TTarget Throw


The next stage will be the selection of teams to represent Dorset at the Regional finals in Paignton, Torbay on Sat. March 3rd.

Hants XC League Match 4 at Reading on Sat. Jan.13th Please contact Mark Pauley (Junior Committee>>) if you are available.

Hurdles and LJ/TJ training: will re-commence on Saturday morning, Jan.13th from 11-12 am. Please pay £2.30 for a ticket at Reception.

There will also be Hurdles on Weds. Jan. 10th from 6-7 pm. and on subsequent Weds. Meet at Garage at 5.45.




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