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Results: 25th – 26th February 2023

By 25/02/2023February 28th, 2023Cross Country, Junior, Senior

Upton House parkrun

The second event in the multi-terrain championships saw a great turnout, with course PBs from Jonathan Addison, Kevin McGrory, Andy Street, Kevin Roberts, Nicola Sawyer and Grace Galton.

3Barry MILLERMaleVM40-4418:51
4Duncan COOPERMaleVM55-5919:09
9Neil MASTERMANMaleVM45-4920:14
12Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2920:31
17Martin SELLMaleVM50-5420:58
18Rob WICKHAMMaleVM55-5921:01
22Steve KELLYMaleVM40-4421:19
23Brian UNDERWOODMaleVM45-4921:21
32Kevin MCGRORYMaleVM55-5921:54
36Andrew LEWISMaleVM40-4421:59
37Andy STREETMaleVM50-5422:00
43Kirstin HAYFemaleVW35-3922:21
52Simon WILDBURMaleVM45-4923:31
61Lesley MOOREFemaleVW45-4923:43
68Graham FILMERMaleVM55-5924:11
88Kevin ROBERTSMaleVM55-5924:48
95Jackie GODDENFemaleVW55-5925:16
109Les HOLMESMaleVM40-4425:41
129Valerie WATERSFemaleVW60-6426:29
133Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5426:46
137David RITCHIEMaleVM60-6427:00
140Lynne WELCHFemaleVW55-5927:13
144Vanya RITCHIEFemaleVW60-6427:22
150Karen PEEDELLFemaleVW60-6427:59
151Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5928:08
185Sue HAMFemaleVW60-6429:39
200Lorraine CERQUELLAFemaleVW40-4430:12
224Laura HORSWILLFemaleVW35-3931:56
242Eve FILMERFemaleVW55-5933:00
245Kim Denise HUNTFemaleVW60-6433:07
258Ann DEVERILLFemaleVW55-5934:25
267Tammy MCGOWANFemaleVW40-4435:10
271Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6935:48
272Grace GALTONFemaleVW45-4935:48
285Andrew MILLSMaleVM65-6937:47
315Melanie COLESFemaleVW55-5948:00

ECCA National X-Country Championships

Only three of our athletes took part, but they all did very well, and William Rabjohns picked up a bronze medal.

U17M 6km  –  William Rabjohns, 3rd (out of 247) in a time of 20:56
U15G 4km – Mia Hagan, 121st (out of 285) in a time of 19:05
SM 12km –  Fred Harris, 261st (out of 1472)  in a time of 41:57


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