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Results: 6-7th October 2018

By 07/10/2018May 10th, 2022Junior, ParaAthletics, Senior
Brian Underwood at Bournemouth Marathon Festival

Well that was a super busy weekend! Quite a few races on, the main headline being the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. Well done to everyone who raced, quite a few of you secured shiny new PBs too.

Bournemouth Marathon Festival

1.5k Junior Race

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun TimeMale/Female
6Euan McPhail (62325)6m 21s6m 33sMale
7Isabella Garavini (62107)6m 25s6m 25sFemale
33Amelia Drew (62115)7m 1s7m 1sFemale
236Dorothy Taylor (62710)9m 33s10m 55sFemale

2k Junior Race

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun TimeMale/Female
8Lexie Brown (60108)7m 45s7m 45sFemale
28Ethan Crowley (60306)8m 28s8m 41sMale
30Isla McPhail (60331)8m 34s8m 48sFemale
34Hugo Young (60118)8m 41s8m 42sMale
43Mali Ballingall (60381)8m 55s9m 10sFemale
48Abigail Putman (60328)8m 59s9m 11sFemale
72William Heffer Davis (60702)9m 17s9m 33sMale
148Monty Spence (60116)10m 20s10m 20sMale
158Daisy Putman (60357)10m 30s10m 44sFemale

Junior 5k

Nancy Taylor, chip time 21m 24s, pos 25

Supernova 5k

PosName (Number)Chip TimeGun TimeMale/Female
3Jamie Grose (50128)16m 23s16m 23sMale
4Will Rabjohns (50102)17m 1s17m 1sMale
22James Eden (50107)19m 51s19m 51sOver 40 : Male
25Izzy Rabjohns (50211)20m 8s20m 12sFemale
26Lexie Brown (50201)20m 9s20m 13sFemale
54Camilla Brown (50202)22m 2s22m 10sFemale
232Max Eden (50267)26m 35s26m 53sMale
235Amelia Drew (50354)26m 37s26m 56sFemale
633Monty Spence (50120)31m 39s31m 39sMale
648Isabella Garavini (51535)31m 48s34m 13sFemale
787Rachel Drew (50355)33m 6s35m 31sFemale
1650Louise Wilson (53688)46m 4s49m 52sOver 35 : Female

Kevin Walker completed the Supernova 5k Wheelchair race in a chip time of 17m 35s.

Supersonic 10k

Well done to Kev Roberts, Nuala Irven and Fiona Morphew on your 10k PBs. All club results below

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun TimeMale/Female
3Ben Lewis (42207)33m 18s33m 18sMale
48Maurice Bromidge (42410)39m 18s39m 41sOver 35 : Male
804Lorraine Draper (81957)56m 8s1h 2m 19sOver 35 : Female
1361Nuala Irven (46916)1h 2m 28s1h 8m 3sOver 45 : Female
1368Kevin Roberts (44204)1h 2m 40s1h 4m 46sOver 50 : Male
1517Claire Karnatz (46694)1h 4m 33s1h 10m 29sOver 55 : Female
1957Cheryl Struck (46656)1h 11m 36s1h 19m 24sOver 40 : Female
2068Fiona Morphew (47326)1h 13m 14s1h 18m 49sOver 60 : Female

Chris Nash completed the Supersonic 10k Wheelchair race in a chip time of 31m 50s.

Half Marathon

Well done to Brian Underwood, Damian Startin,  Paul Wilsher and Matty Tomlinson on your half marathon PBs. All club results below

PosName (Number)Chip TimeGun TimeMale/Female
9Brian Underwood (20022)1h 14m 10s1h 14m 10sOver 40 : Male
65Jon Spear (20148)1h 24m 34s1h 24m 42sOver 45 : Male
189Hayley Merifield (21890)1h 30m 52s1h 32m 6sFemale
214Neil Masterman (21923)1h 31m 54s1h 33m 25sOver 45 : Male
263Damian Startin (21575)1h 33m 24s1h 34m 25sMale
334Andrea Lewis (21146)1h 35m 30s1h 36m 38sOver 45 : Female
345Darren Moore (21312)1h 35m 55s1h 36m 59sOver 45 : Male
363Ray Quarrie (20141)1h 36m 25s1h 36m 51sOver 45 : Male
371Martin Dexter (21310)1h 36m 52s1h 38m 41sOver 50 : Male
573Paul Wilsher (21347)1h 40m 54s1h 42m 48sOver 40 : Male
600Matthew Tomlinson (21377)1h 41m 13s1h 42m 6sOver 45 : Male
758John Skilton (21381)1h 44m 13s1h 45m 12sOver 50 : Male
808Graham Filmer (21911)1h 45m 5s1h 46m 40sOver 50 : Male
1194Karen Smith (21636)1h 51m 18s1h 53m 4sOver 40 : Female
1449Stephanie Gadbury (23421)1h 54m 26s1h 58m 6sOver 40 : Female
1450Zoe Houlton (23610)1h 54m 26s1h 58m 6sOver 50 : Female
2306Nicola Cornes (21217)2h 5m 39s2h 7m 25sOver 50 : Female
2527Jean-Pierre Panchaud (20196)2h 9m 16s2h 9m 39sOver 40 : Male
3188Eve Filmer (26497)2h 22m 4s2h 25m 44sOver 50 : Female
3215Sue Ham (25707)2h 22m 31s2h 31m 50sOver 55 : Female
3741Mark Willis (24881)2h 45m 55s2h 51m 6sMale
3742Hannah Marsh (23571)2h 45m 55s2h 51m 6sFemale
3878Melanie Coles (27422)3h 14m 30s3h 23m 49sOver 50 : Female


In the marathon, Juliet finished an impressive second female and a huge congratulations to Steve Kelly on completing your first marathon and to Jan Whittaker on your marathon PB. All club results below

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun TimeMale/Female
52Juliet Champion (76158)3h 1m 18s3h 1m 21sOver 35 : Female
409Alan Barnett (397)3h 42m 16s3h 42m 25sOver 55 : Male
641Steven Kelly (82134)3h 55m 14s3h 58m 58sOver 35 : Male
676Daniel Moors (1264)3h 56m 27s3h 57m 41sOver 35 : Male
966Gemma Sparks (3746)4h 12m 53s4h 16m 36sFemale
968Keith Tucker (3214)4h 13m 554h 16m 59sOver 45 : Male
997Susie Matthews (3144)4h 14m 58s4h 18m 38sOver 65 : Female
1708Janet Whittaker (4974)5h 0m 52s5h 7m 22sOver 55 : Female
1898Nicola Barker (4754)5h 20m 10s5h 25m 43sOver 35 : Female
2122Grace Galton (5230)6h 28m 28s6h 34m 58sOver 40 : Female
2143Ann Deverill (5247)6h 28m 30s6h 34m 59sOver 50 : Female


Ian Hitching,  chip time 01:29:30

Cardiff Half Marathon

Matthew Johnson, chip time 01:45:44

Budapest Marathon

Kat Smart, chip time 04:17:29

Wessex XC Match 1

Results to follow


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