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Results: Canford Heath 5k Time Trial 16 May 2023

By 18/05/2023Senior
2023 Canford 5k time trial competitors

Canford Heath 5k Time Trial

A pleasant evening saw a competitive crowd head up Tollerford Road hill and back again in another Club Championship Summer Series event.

The results are…

1Gill Cook00:33:27
2Kevin Roberts00:33:41
3Steve Buller00:33:52
4Donald Harper00:33:56
5Jackie Godden00:34:03
6Laura Horswill00:34:07
7Damian Startin00:34:14
8Genevieve Crisford00:34:16
9Andrew Lewis00:34:22
10Gareth Hale00:34:26
11Andrew Street00:34:31
12Reuben Skinner00:34:37
13Patricia Bradshaw00:34:38
14Dave Hicks00:34:38
15Craig Stoakes00:34:42
16Mike Cure00:34:43
17Kathryn Robson00:34:44
18Ben Pilley00:34:44
19Benjamin Williams00:34:45
20Nicola Sawyer00:34:45
21Steve Kelly00:34:47
22Neil Williams00:34:50
23Sue Ham00:34:52
24John Bassinder00:34:52
25Graham Filmer00:34:54
26Trisha Mills00:34:56
27Kirstin Hay00:34:57
28Mark Kimber00:34:57
29Clare Julyan00:35:01
30Kim Hunt00:35:08
31Richard Sedgley00:35:10
32Barry Miller00:35:12
33Darren Moore00:35:13
34Martin Sell00:35:16
35Andy Mills00:35:17
36Martin Dexter00:35:20
37Karen Peedell00:35:25
38Tammy Frias-Robles00:35:39
39Lesley Moore00:35:39
40Jonathan Addison00:35:50
41Wayne Dolman00:35:51
42Matt Holman00:35:55
43Sarah Durley -White00:36:18
44Zoe Houlton00:36:23
45Celia Whitmarsh00:37:05

Time in motion stats are …

14Dave Hicks17:08
19Benjamin Williams17:15
24John Bassinder17:22
15Craig Stoakes18:12
32Barry Miller18:12
34Martin Sell19:46
40Jonathan Addison19:50
10Gareth Hale19:56
12Reuben Skinner20:07
16Mike Cure20:13
9Andrew Lewis20:22
28Mark Kimber20:27
33Darren Moore20:43
21Steve Kelly20:47
11Andrew Street21:01
7Damian Startin21:14
41Wayne Dolman21:21
27Kirstin Hay21:27
2Kevin Roberts21:41
8Genevieve Crisford21:46
36Martin Dexter21:50
25Graham Filmer22:24
4Donald Harper22:26
22Neil Williams22:50
39Lesley Moore23:09
17Kathryn Robson23:14
18Ben Pilley23:14
31Richard Sedgley23:40
5Jackie Godden24:03
42Matt Holman24:55
13Patricia Bradshaw25:38
20Nicola Sawyer25:45
37Karen Peedell26:55
44Zoe Houlton27:23
29Clare Julyan27:31
3Steve Buller27:52
45Celia Whitmarsh28:05
6Laura Horswill28:37
23Sue Ham29:22
30Kim Hunt30:08
43Sarah Durley -White31:18
38Tammy Frias-Robles32:09
26Trisha Mills33:26
1Gill Cook33:27
35Andy Mills34:17

The current standings for the Summer Series have been calculated and posted here



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